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ROSTINFORM.RU. wear process of slogan

At frequent and long-term repetition in one target audience a slogan starts to lose"force". consumers get used to a slogan and pay to it of attention less. it also is called as a slogan deterioration. in this situation two scenarios of development of a situation are possible.

1. slogan little updating. it is carried out by change of a font, the size, chromaticity and of some other technological receptions. in the given case slogan little updating, thus without change of semantic loading is possible.

2. full change of a slogan with the new. in russia there are no yet researches on a theme of durability of a slogan in force of the big age of the advertising market. however the western experience shows that this question is especially individual. so some firms do not change the slogan throughout 10 and more years. whereas others change it annually.Смотрим:

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Much depends on degree of an involvement of the consumer in an advertising campaign. if the consumer does not state displeasure from for a long time already used slogan, probably cosmetic modification. if the consumer was tired, and less frequently reacts to an advertising slogan it is necessary to start to search for a new slogan.

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